If you are black or if you have a weapon the police can kill you at will

23 Jun

My god, Philando Castile has been murdered in cold blood by this Minnesota police officer.  How can any citizen in this republic accept what is happening in the black community. They are under attack by the police. At any time, as we have seen, the police can kill a black man for any reason and they can expect to get away from it.  The test for Aquittal of the police comes to this.  Can the police prove that they were frightened.  Did they feel threatened.  This isn’t much of a test, and the jury cannot possibly get into the head of the officers, hence, these cases almost almost turn in favor of the police.

This has been happening since the federal Government began to provide heavy weapons to these civilian police forces Accross the country for free, or at dramatically reduced rates.  This was done as a way of provisioning a military force internally while not violating the Posse Comitatis Act.  The act had been signed in 1878 by Rutherford B. Hayes.  Its purpose had been to limit the ability of the Federal Government to utilize military forces to police the general population, us.  Hence, the provisioning of heavy arms into the hands of standard police allows them to get around this problem and provides a force to rely upon when the citizens rise up.

Imagine the mental change over this provided within the cultures of these Police forces.  They had an original intent of serving and protecting the communities they served, and now they had access to military grad weapons.  These were big toys for big boys.  Slowly over 20-40 years our police force has gone from one of diffusing situations to pure domination of the populace.  What else can we do?  what else do they expect us to do? We are meant to get onto our knees, or they will terminate us with impunity.

This is precisely what we see playing out now.  I remember when everyone used to love the local police.  We all waved.  They always stopped and talked with us.  We knew them by name and they knew us by name.  This is all gone!  Now we have police who consider themselves above the law.  They scoff at the civilians.  They laugh at our laws.  They kills us as they please.  Where will it all end?  What will it take?  Civil War?  When will the courts stand up and protect?  Where are our legislatures?  I only hear my voice echo away into eternity.  The weeping of mothers reverberates back.  God help us all.


Skelter shelter of the mind. Take my soul in return of time. Run me through with the Devils steel. I know you will come and hunt me down. Run me through with the Devils steel!

22 May

Pure Elric

How now Mother F@#$&@#s!

22 May

You know what, its May 22, 2017 and the world moves along.  I’m currently without a gig to write for, and that sucks.  Now I write simply for me.  I’m in mid-stream of a write of a short Horror Story.  Its in the first person view, and I am attempting to write it in the form of blog entries more or less.  I’d like to keep it down to about 5500 words up to about 7200.  We will see!  What’s it about, well, its horror and I have been told to never discuss precisely what exactly I’m writing.  Do I know why I have been advised as such?  Hell no, but it sounds pretty damned good to me.

Once I am complete I will post an excerpt to this little thing, this blog and see if I can get some feed back.  I need to get after this effort of becoming a successful, published author.  What ever the hell this really means.  I will know though when it does go down.  I mean to say, I will know precisely when I have achieved success.  Okay Mother Fuckers I’m out of here.  Peace out Cub scout!

Take the bull by the horn

31 Mar

How do you intend to get yourself published?  How do  you expect to gather a following?  We all know that we must write and that we must find the discipline to write each and every day.  Have you heard of Nanowrimo.  The idea behind this initiative is  to  have participants gather an understanding of the  writer’s life.  In this effort  you need to write  50,000 words in 30 days.  Hardly an easy task, but  there can be no doubt that it will show you what it means to immerse yourself in your writing.  How do you find the discipline?

As far as I am concerned, I have begun writing for online magazines on the internet.  My first gig lasted about 8-9 months and I wrote approximately 20-30 reviews of plays in my local area

I am a horror and dark fantasy  author.  Hence, writing reviews was definitely outside of my focus.  That being said, I leaned a great deal from the effort.  I did not get paid for this process, but I did get published and met some people that will help me  as I move down this road.  Having contacts in any field becomes invaluable.

This effort came to a close as all good things must come to an end.  However, not to be daunted I kept my ear to the ground and remained patient.  Now I have found a new magazine  on line that I will begin to write for in the upcoming month, and guess what this next effort comes with pay.  Hence, I am making progress.  Further, the work involved is not nearly as confining as the previous gig.  I will be writing articles and performing interviews, and editorials.

Every step I am taking me propels me forward.  In the meantime I am  continuing to write in my favorite genre and I have begun to submit work to publishers of short stories.  The beauty of it comes when they ask me if I am published and the answer is Yes!

The one question you might have of me is where do you  find  these jobs?  really simple.  Go to craigslist and click on gigs and go to writing gigs and check them out.  You may have to be patient as it takes time until you find a opportunity that piques your curiosity.  Anyway enjoy and good luck!

In like a lion

29 Feb

It won’t be long now until February fades from memory. Yes, she is a leap year but none the less she fades.  In its stead March who wonders in rainy and chilly, bitter as a lonely lion solitary and bereft of pride.  Such is the nature of March.

The unreliable first person narrator.

28 Dec

I consider myself an Author, but what does that mean?  Being an author requires a level of dedication that the writer does not endure, or if you wish suffer through.  Face it, all of us are writers.  We write daily in the form of E-mails, grocery lists, letters, requests and so on.  Now the Author, He or she are those unique people who wish to write for the joy or as a career.  The Author must find the time to write vast quantities of data daily.  They inform, and entertain, they report and they are something akin to the conscience of a culture, or society if you wish.

I am talking about a craft that can only get better through the diligent effort of practice.  Practice makes perfect, right?  Repetition brings refinement, yes?  It also should involve learning as much as you can about the craft from those who have come before you.  We read other writers works and we emulate and adapt our styles in accordance to what we learn as we read and study the work of other authors.  The work of an Author becomes as much a science as an art form.  An author, therefore, becomes a very complicated thing.  I count myself as one of these, but this really hasn’t a great deal with what I am after with this post.  With this post I have a question that I put forth to the other Authors, or rather I have a few questions revolving around a particular subject.  Your assistance is required.

The subject revolves around the concept of the unreliable first person narrator.  I have seen it in such novels as “Gone girl” and also in the book “We need to talk about Kevin.”  I have often been taught that that particular voice should reside mostly within the Gothic Short Story.  I have also come to the understanding that Poe was the master of this particular voice.  From what I gather, he had a very major impact on the art of this interesting form of voice

Hence, this specific post isn’t a bit of opinion or even a discussion of said concept, rather I posit it as a question to those authors who may traverse this blog.  If you have read this far I thank you for your time, but I ask you to please read on.  I would like some information if you could be so kind as to take a moment to comment.

  1.  Do you have an opinion on the matter of this unreliable narrator?  Please share if you do.
  2. Have you encountered any particular mechanical troubles when using this voice?
  3. Do you enjoy using this voice and are there any particular genre’s that you steadfastly apply said voice?
  4. If you have any other important information to share regarding this voice I would appreciate if you could impart here.

Thank you for your time.




Abuse of Power

23 Dec

Source: Abuse of Power