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The unreliable first person narrator.

28 Dec

I consider myself an Author, but what does that mean?  Being an author requires a level of dedication that the writer does not endure, or if you wish suffer through.  Face it, all of us are writers.  We write daily in the form of E-mails, grocery lists, letters, requests and so on.  Now the Author, He or she are those unique people who wish to write for the joy or as a career.  The Author must find the time to write vast quantities of data daily.  They inform, and entertain, they report and they are something akin to the conscience of a culture, or society if you wish.

I am talking about a craft that can only get better through the diligent effort of practice.  Practice makes perfect, right?  Repetition brings refinement, yes?  It also should involve learning as much as you can about the craft from those who have come before you.  We read other writers works and we emulate and adapt our styles in accordance to what we learn as we read and study the work of other authors.  The work of an Author becomes as much a science as an art form.  An author, therefore, becomes a very complicated thing.  I count myself as one of these, but this really hasn’t a great deal with what I am after with this post.  With this post I have a question that I put forth to the other Authors, or rather I have a few questions revolving around a particular subject.  Your assistance is required.

The subject revolves around the concept of the unreliable first person narrator.  I have seen it in such novels as “Gone girl” and also in the book “We need to talk about Kevin.”  I have often been taught that that particular voice should reside mostly within the Gothic Short Story.  I have also come to the understanding that Poe was the master of this particular voice.  From what I gather, he had a very major impact on the art of this interesting form of voice

Hence, this specific post isn’t a bit of opinion or even a discussion of said concept, rather I posit it as a question to those authors who may traverse this blog.  If you have read this far I thank you for your time, but I ask you to please read on.  I would like some information if you could be so kind as to take a moment to comment.

  1.  Do you have an opinion on the matter of this unreliable narrator?  Please share if you do.
  2. Have you encountered any particular mechanical troubles when using this voice?
  3. Do you enjoy using this voice and are there any particular genre’s that you steadfastly apply said voice?
  4. If you have any other important information to share regarding this voice I would appreciate if you could impart here.

Thank you for your time.





Abuse of Power

23 Dec

Source: Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power

23 Dec

Ok, we all know the police are taking a beating in the public discourse arena.  We live in a world where almost all of us have a camera in their possession.  Further, so many of are aching to capture that image or that video which will explode virally across the world.  Hence, anything we do can instantly be recorded and then sent out onto the world stage of the Internet.  This makes being a police officer more difficult than ever.  Imagine, your every move, right or wrong, available for instant review.  Our Police Officers are tried within the court of public opinion.  The jury by your peers has begun to lose its weight.

I am 50 years old and I can remember when the police were people we all looked up to. Everyone wanted to be like them and we all waved to them and said hello.  Things were so  much different back then.  When did it change? Had it been us, the public, who changed?  Or did the men and women who are attracted to the police forces change.

In 1965 the Democrats put together the Welfare system.  I sincerely believe this had been done to create a perpetually poor underclass of voters.  The system has never been designed to lift people out of poverty and I don’t believe anyone can say otherwise.  This permanent class created the slums which created a sub set of American cultures that found itself plagued with violence and crime.  This brought the violent enforcement of the Police into these poor neighborhoods contributing to end game problem we have today.

Next came the war on drugs.  Everyone knows that this supposed war could not be waged with any level of success.  It sucked endless streams of money and it contributed to racist laws that affect blacks and the poor disproportionately.  The Police were again asked to penetrate deep into the minority communities which only further alienated them in the eyes of the segment of American society.

Then we had the attacks of 9/11 and the wide sweeping powers that were granted to our enforcement bodies.  Unfortunately, as has always been the case, such laws will always be twisted and pushed to the limits.  The do goodders had great intentions but the failure is innate to mankind.  we are frail and we are so easily corrupted.

The last blow came when the military started giving military grade weapons that they were going to throw away to the city, state, and local police departments.  Suddenly, out protectors were no longer simple police officers they had become Rambo.

Over time the bad officers became many and they floated to the top.  Also, there exists a culture of brotherhood amongst police that forces them to stand by each other through thick and thin.

All of these things combined have at last erupted in a unprecedented epidemic of civilian shootings and this darkness has spread far beyond the ghetto.  It has migrated throughout America and if we are not careful these police gone amok will take our rights away from us and leave us high and dry.  The time has come for us to put a stop to this chaos before we find it too late to correct.

This is my opinion and if anyone has a contra opinion I would like to hear it.  I do realize that there are a great many good Officers who work to provide and live up to the proud mottos that made the Police great.  However, there are a great number of out of control officers that need to be removed from duty.  Something must be done.

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When the Anti-Hero makes his debut

16 Dec

The Hero