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If you are black or if you have a weapon the police can kill you at will

23 Jun

My god, Philando Castile has been murdered in cold blood by this Minnesota police officer.  How can any citizen in this republic accept what is happening in the black community. They are under attack by the police. At any time, as we have seen, the police can kill a black man for any reason and they can expect to get away from it.  The test for Aquittal of the police comes to this.  Can the police prove that they were frightened.  Did they feel threatened.  This isn’t much of a test, and the jury cannot possibly get into the head of the officers, hence, these cases almost almost turn in favor of the police.

This has been happening since the federal Government began to provide heavy weapons to these civilian police forces Accross the country for free, or at dramatically reduced rates.  This was done as a way of provisioning a military force internally while not violating the Posse Comitatis Act.  The act had been signed in 1878 by Rutherford B. Hayes.  Its purpose had been to limit the ability of the Federal Government to utilize military forces to police the general population, us.  Hence, the provisioning of heavy arms into the hands of standard police allows them to get around this problem and provides a force to rely upon when the citizens rise up.

Imagine the mental change over this provided within the cultures of these Police forces.  They had an original intent of serving and protecting the communities they served, and now they had access to military grad weapons.  These were big toys for big boys.  Slowly over 20-40 years our police force has gone from one of diffusing situations to pure domination of the populace.  What else can we do?  what else do they expect us to do? We are meant to get onto our knees, or they will terminate us with impunity.

This is precisely what we see playing out now.  I remember when everyone used to love the local police.  We all waved.  They always stopped and talked with us.  We knew them by name and they knew us by name.  This is all gone!  Now we have police who consider themselves above the law.  They scoff at the civilians.  They laugh at our laws.  They kills us as they please.  Where will it all end?  What will it take?  Civil War?  When will the courts stand up and protect?  Where are our legislatures?  I only hear my voice echo away into eternity.  The weeping of mothers reverberates back.  God help us all.