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How now Mother F@#$&@#s!

22 May

You know what, its May 22, 2017 and the world moves along.  I’m currently without a gig to write for, and that sucks.  Now I write simply for me.  I’m in mid-stream of a write of a short Horror Story.  Its in the first person view, and I am attempting to write it in the form of blog entries more or less.  I’d like to keep it down to about 5500 words up to about 7200.  We will see!  What’s it about, well, its horror and I have been told to never discuss precisely what exactly I’m writing.  Do I know why I have been advised as such?  Hell no, but it sounds pretty damned good to me.

Once I am complete I will post an excerpt to this little thing, this blog and see if I can get some feed back.  I need to get after this effort of becoming a successful, published author.  What ever the hell this really means.  I will know though when it does go down.  I mean to say, I will know precisely when I have achieved success.  Okay Mother Fuckers I’m out of here.  Peace out Cub scout!